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Big Fields
03-04-2014, 03:54 AM
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Big Fields
Let me start with my deepest compliments for this great game. I love it and it helps me when i am hiking for my health. But i have an issue with big fields; It is going out of control. Part of last weekend a big part of netherlands/belgium and france were covered in one big field. And nobody is going to convince me that they did not use IITC or worse to make this field happen.

Do not get me wrong: I have all the respect for the accomplisment and the hard work that 125 people put into it. But it spoiled the fun for a lot of players like me, who walk/bike or drive and are not interested in bigfields. Clearly, the only one who can truly measure for how many players it spoiled the fun is Niantec; but i am very interested how many players stopped after last weekend or did not start because of it.

Next, someone is making three portals in the middle of various ocean/islands and capturing the whole of europe. I almost hoped that the field would stand for more than two weeks, forcing Niantec to either see their population diminish of be forced to act. It would prove my point, but spoil the game, so i do not want that...

But something has to be done. Bigfielders are really different from other players and only other bigfielders drive for several hours to mountaintops and uninhabited islands (last weekend!) to bring fields down, while thousands of players can not lay their game fully anymore and stay at home (opposite to the goal of Ingress!) and wait until other bigfielders help them

Not saying that all of them should be banned for using IITC of other help, but as "pure" player, using only the app, it is frustrating to see people making a field and KNOWING that they could never have doen that with only the site and apps. So because they use foul play, I have to suffer? In my opinion this greatly imbalances the game... Something must be done, really. next time will be even worse...
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