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Things got really weird...
07-11-2013, 10:47 AM
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Things got really weird...
Alright, so I have been helping my friend play his ingress game. Although recently he told me that for nearly a week, his game would crash and a phone number keeps appearing, 4803211861. I thought it was weird and thought of investigating it. Well it turns out the number is for a spam/scam about cruises. Although people are getting calls from it and never get any response or message from it. I found where the calls come from, a trailer park in Mesa Arizona. I also found one name, Banner Baywood. I checked out the name, and a couple blocks from where the calls come from is a hospital, Banner Baywood Medical Center. The hospital has a nasty history and a horrible set of ethics, although they still keep a good name somehow.

Ya, I know, thats alot of huh? I am not sure of what to make of it, also how would that number make the ingress game completely crash? So much so that even restarting the phone does not work? He gets the game running again after playing with it after restarting. Anyone have absolutely any headway for this? I cannot figure this shit out. Please respond if you have any information that might help me figure this out.
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