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Tips & Tricks
02-01-2013, 05:39 AM
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Tips & Tricks

1) In order to link TO a portal, you need the remote portal's Portal Keys. You can only have 1 Portal Key from each portal at a time, so if you need to link to the same portal multiple times, have a friend with you to get the other one. The only other way is to go back and forth after each linking. This is especially painful for long distance links.

2) You can only link FROM a portal 8 times. I haven't read this anywhere, but that's what it seems. If you link to more than 8 places, no other links are available, even if they are in range. I could be wrong on this one, but I haven't found any explanation for why more links couldn't be made.

3) Plan the order of which you need to collect portal keys and links towers. Keep in mind who needs what Portal Keys and make things easier by splitting up if possible.

4) Don't make links that will prevent you from making larger links later. One's links are their, you have to wait 10 days for them to go away, assuming nobody else screws with them either. Even if it seems like a good idea in the short term, think long-term and you will cover more ground.

5) Don't try to level faster than your friends, it doesn't help anyone. The more people you have at the same level, the better off you are. At level 1, you, by yourself, can deploy 8 Resignators, but you can only apply 4 x L2-L4Resignators and only 2 x L5-L6 and only 1 x L7-L8 (I might be a little off, but that's the basics). So the more people you have at a higher level, the better links you can create.

6) If it wasn't obvious, the higher level the portal, the farther it can go. You can see it's exact distance when you are in the Upgrade menu at a portal. Use this and reference the Portal Keys you have to determine what needs to be upgrade to create a link / field.

7) You can't cross fields. Although it seems you can in some cases, you cannot create a link through an existing field. So keep note of this when planning your attack.

8) Beef up your major link highways. Since it's often more convenient to link to a bunch of portals from one really beefed up portal, make sure to put your strongest shields on those portals and keep a _Portal Keys_ around for those major links so you can recharge them remoting by selecting the menu key.
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07-15-2014, 09:17 AM (This post was last modified: 07-15-2014 09:19 AM by naname.)
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RE: Tips & Tricks
some shares here . . .
Power Leveling in Ingress with a Pal Smile

Can you relate with this? "Gaining AP for upgrading someone else’s Resonators."

If so when you really want to take all the AP you can from a Portal, you should upgrade the Resonators with a friendy pal level by level.

This is an example of what this hint is trying to say.
Given the scenario of you and a friend are both level 4:

1. You capture the Portal and deploy 3 Resonators (L1)
2. Your friend deploys 4 Resonators (L1)
3. You deploy the last Resonator (L1)
4. Your friend upgrades all 4 of your level 1 Resonators to level 2…
…While you also upgrade his 4 to level 2
5. Your friend upgrades all your level 2 Resonators to level 3…
…While you upgrade his 4 to level 3
6. Finally, your friend upgrades your level 3 Resonators to level 4…
…While you upgrade his 4 to level 4

So by this time now let’s calculate how much AP you would have earned from this:

7. You gain 500 AP for deploying the first resonator
8. You gain 125 AP per first Resonator, so that’s 125 * 4 = 500 AP
9. You gain 250 AP for deploying the last Resonator
10. You gain 65 AP per upgrade of a Resonator that is not yours, so that is 65 * 4 * 3 = 780 AP

11. You earn a total of 2030 AP just for capturing and upgrading a Portal

12. Your friend gains 125 AP per first Resonator, so that’s 125 * 4 = 500 AP
13. Your friend gains 65 AP per upgrade of a Resonator that is not yours, so that is 65 * 4 * 3 = 780 AP

14. Your friend earns a total of 1280 AP just for capturing and upgrading a Portal

Btw, you can do this past level 4, however passing that level you can not have more than 2 of those level resonators per portal.

To max it's effect you and your friend should switch off who goes first and who gets the last resonator.

Oh yea, just make sure while doing all this to hack the portal every 5 minutes to try and get it’s Portal Key as well so that you can link to it later for even more AP!

I've tried this, it's fun! So cheers anyone who wanted to checked this out soon.
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