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Full Version: P.A.'s corkboard stops in october, Where do I continue getting leaked documents
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As the title implies, I do not know where to get the continuation of Niantic's story after the 1st October, as P.A. Chapeau chooses to isolate himself. Of course, he does leave links to his Twitter, Facebook and G+ pages, most of which have been taken back up by someone named 'x' as states the Ingress Report that followed his leave, but here's my problem:
Twitter refuses to load more messages as i scroll down and reach 2014.
Facebook is 80% of weekly ingress Reports, where Information is sparse. Since she does talk about anomalies, and the players do get there in time, i cannot think that there was no other source of information after P.A.'s <<cigarette break>>.
G+'s time-ordered sort is quite bad, with posts from march 2014 above posts from December 2013 and below posts from November 2013, and sites that are supposed to show posts sorted by date like wont load posts older than 2015 for no reason.
So is there any way for me to continue following the story without forking out $15 to get Ingress: The Niantic Project Files?
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